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We simplify your outfitting needs and minimize installation costs by equipping your specialized vehicles with required lighting and other necessary tools to carry out your mission. Our ability to simultaneously provide product, installation, and service for this equipment minimizes vehicle down time and servicing confusion, allowing your fleet to get into action faster and stay on the job longer than using multiple vendors.

Over 40 years...

If you’ve ever looked into investing in a communications system you know that system infrastructure costs can become significant. That’s why we’ve invested in the infrastructure that enables us to provide both analog and digital dispatch airtime services at economical monthly rates. Since we’ve already made the infrastructure investment, you don’t have to.

While quality radios are the backbone of any mobile communications system, related products are often required in order to provide customized control and other functions related to our customers’ needs. Our in depth availability of dispatch control, special function, vehicle location, and accessory products from an exhaustive list of vendors enables our ability to provide precise customization to your needs.

Ozborn Communications: “Wireless Communications and Vehicle Equipment since 1975”

Ozborn Communications was established in Canton prior to 1975 as a family owned and operated service-only two-way radio company. Through our evolving into sales and service, six operations facility expansions in Canton, raising new generations of the original family working in the business, and the refinement of our product offering to meet your needs, the company has grown into its present day state. We know that you expect and deserve our vision to be focused on customer service.

We represent two-way radio manufacturers with long standing track records of reliability, flexibility, and real world performance. Each of our manufacturers is selected to enhance our flexibility in providing the perfect match of product with your mission requirements. Our philosophy is simply to provide the products that fulfill your need, not the latest fad.