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Equipment Installation
Ozborn Communications has a long history of providing first quality custom installation service. For dispatch centers we can provide the furniture, cabling, consoles, electronics, or almost anything else you can imagine. Our staff has decades of installation experience and will work with you from the start to insure that your installation is exactly to your liking.
For mobile installations, whether you need one mobile radio installed or a public safety fleet with two dozen light heads per vehicle, overt, covert, or anything in between, we have the experience, the skill, and the tools required to assure a quality installation.

Maintenance & Repair Services
We maintain a fully equipped service facility in Canton in order to provide the ongoing support for all the products we supply. Whether you prefer time & material or a contract based service program, we strive to maintain the flexibility to meet each customer’s preference. We also offer 24 hour emergency repairs for critical duty customers who depend on their communications and other systems around the clock to be successful. All items supplied by us are sold with a manufacturers’ warranty. We record and track your warranty status so that if repairs do become necessary during the warranty period you are not bothered with producing paperwork or filing warranty claims.

Custom Applications
We take great pride in our ability to design solutions for unconventional applications. We call it customer service! With modern day radios it is sometimes amazing what you can accomplish. Whether you need to control something, alert someone, or monitor something, tell us about your requirement. Chances are we can come up with a solution. We love a challenge and have a vast array of equipment vendors from which to draw unique products. We have designed and installed wireless communications solutions for everything from snake caves in a zoo to doorbells you can talk to. Got an idea? Give us a call!

FCC Licensing
In the United States every radio transmitter must be licensed. We have the ability and experience to handle the licensing process for your radio system. We work with frequency coordinators and the FCC to assure a properly licensed system. We continue after the license is issued to assist you with constructions notices, renewals, and modifications if they should ever become necessary.