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Around 1970, as a teenager, Mike Ozborn developed what some friends have described as an obsession for both radio communications and emergency operations. He soon found that while the two fields have their differences, they also rely heavily on each other. The intrigue of this connection spurred him to become involved in both. While still in school, he began a part-time business in communications while he also was involved doing part-time work with public safety agencies, some of them paid and some volunteer. As time passed, he completed training in both electronics training and law enforcement. There were many generous mentors in those days willing to dedicate time and attention to helping others become proficient in their skills and he took advantage of their guidance and of the opportunities they offered. Upon completing his education, he held full time employment with several state public safety agencies, gaining valuable experience and creating respected personal relationships that are still treasured today.

This experience provided him with a unique combination and range of understanding in both fields, enabling him to know not only what equipment is needed, but also how it is used on a personal level. That combination of experience is extremely rare today and has been shared with others in the company as they have been trained from that basis.

Reliable and efficient communications is essential in the daily operation of every successful commercial enterprise, educational organization, fleet operator, and government agency. We work diligently to provide the precise solution that answers your specific communication and fleet needs in the most economical and efficient manner, without wasting your money on superfluous features that won’t be used. In short, we will not waste your money and we strive to exceed your expectation.

Upon settling down with a wife and leveraging a strong mentored background of business experience and guidance from his family and others, he decided that the long hours of around the clock work and travel required of government jobs wasn’t his best option. Around 1980 is when the move was made to operate the company as a full time business. As the years flew by the business grew to include other family, employees, and many more vendors and customers. There have been many long days, nights, and weekends logged over the years for our customers, each one seen as an opportunity to exceed a customer’s expectation. We have been immeasurably blessed and we believe that our obsession with honest customer service is the primary reason.

As they say, time passes fast when you’re having fun. Many years later, Ozborn Communications remains focused on honest customer service at the daily direction of Mike Ozborn. His wife, Lynn, manages accounting and the office, while Michael, Jr. manages most operations functions and direction of other technical staff. We invite you to avail yourself and your company or agency of our experience, honesty, and personal service. And if by chance there is any problem with something we do, no matter how slight, please, please, please tell us so that we can make it right.

Our Mission

We live in and believe in our community and in independent small business. We are proud members of the Canton Chamber of Commerce, National Federation of Independent Business, and the Enterprise Wireless Alliance. If you ever have the urge, we would encourage you to explore your opportunities in a small business of your own!

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