Harris supports first responders and communications professionals as they connect, inform and protect in the public safety, federal, utility, commercial and transportation sectors. We provide a wide variety of mission-critical communication solutions—including mobile and portable radios—to industry, federal, state and local government agencies. With several decades of focus in mission-critical systems, our experience shows in our many innovative communication platforms.

Harris P25 TP9400 portables are compact and feature-rich, delivering reliable mission-critical communications for first responders in demanding environments. Harris TM9400 mobiles are high-performing, flexible and robust radios, designed for intuitive operation in challenging environments.

Whether your mission is in government, utility, or industry, Harris products have the flexible reliability to enable your success.

We represent two-way radio manufacturers with long standing track records of reliability, flexibility, and real world performance. Each of our manufacturers is selected to enhance our flexibility in providing the perfect match of product with your mission requirements. Our philosophy is simply to provide the products that fulfill your need, not the latest fad. These manufacturers offer a vast range of product features in virtually all operating formats. Whether your needs are for P25, NXDN, DMR, or analog radios, we have the product to cover your needs.

Vertex Standard radios are Japanese designed and engineered to exacting standards and known for compact, reliable, full-featured radios that are built to last. Customers using Vertex Standard radios immediately recognize the quality and value they get for their money. Our radios are used extensively in a variety of industries including: public safety, fire, government, education, construction, hospitality, security, utilities, prisons, transportation, retail, manufacturing, tourism and more.

Our number one goal is to deliver products and services that exceed expectations. You can count on Vertex Standard for radios that are built to last, delivering value without sacrificing quality, and enabling customers to connect without compromise.


Icom has been on the cutting edge of radio communications since the 1960’s. With a stellar reputation for quality, Icom’s broad line of land mobile products provide reliable mission-critical two-way radio communications for law enforcement, fire, and other public safety and military agencies, as well as for security, educational, manufacturing, health care, and industrial applications.

The future of communications is digital. Icom has earned a solid reputation in digital with its IDAS digital two-way radio products based on the NXDN standard. The IDAS system provides true 6.25KHz spectrum efficiency while maintaining superior coverage along with crystal clear audio quality inherent to digital voice communications. And, the IDAS system exploits the flexibility of IP networking technology allowing cost efficient multi-site networking system design.

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