Public Safety Grade Flashlights
Nightstick flashlights offer real-world product performance. Nightstick products are built not only with lumen ratings that exceed most competitors’ products, but also with optimized performance characteristics such as candela, beam distance and run-times. The designs take into consideration all of these factors to impact a light’s efficiency and performance. The Nightstick product line uses CREE® LEDs, the #1 LED manufacturer in the world. Nightstick products are also designed and manufactured using the best quality housing materials, precision engineered reflectors, reliable real-world switch functionality, state-of-the-art electronics and latest generation battery technology. Innovations such as Nightstick’s exclusive Dual-LightTM design, combining a flashlight and a floodlight into a single light, the ability to turn both on simultaneously for added versatility and safety, is altering the idea of what a flashlight is.

Specialty Products

Specialty Products

While quality radios are the backbone of any mobile communications system, related products are often required in order to provide customized control and other functions related to our customers’ needs. Our in depth availability of dispatch control, special function, vehicle location, and accessory products from an exhaustive list of vendors enables our ability to provide precise customization to your needs. Since our public safety customers rely on us for quality tools, we are also proud to distribute the most extensive line of high quality public safety grade flashlights that we have been able to find.

Dispatch Consoles

Omnitronics specializes in providing highly reliable and flexible Radio Dispatch, Radio over IP (RoIP), and Interoperability solutions to organizations worldwide. Working directly with dealers in a variety of industries such as Public Safety, Utilities, Maritime, Transportation, Mining, Oil and Gas, Government, and Healthcare, Omnitronics prides itself in creating solutions that meet the demands of organizations of all shapes and sizes. We do the hard work for you by taking complex radio technology and simplifying it so you can get the maximum use and flexibility out of your radio network without the confusion.

➔ Powerful functionality to meet ever changing demands
➔ Interoperability across organizations and across technologies
➔ Flexibility to meet changing needs
➔ And ultimately... simplicity of operation.

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Logging Recorders
Eventide NexLog Communications Recorders and software are designed to meet the specialized needs of public safety and other critical communication users. Thousands of Eventide systems for Public Safety & Security Recording have been installed in over 50 countries for Police Agencies, Fire Departments, Ambulance Services, 9-1-1 Communication Centers, Hospitals, Transportation Networks, Airlines, Air Traffic Control Centers, Utilities, Oil & Gas Facilities, Mining Facilities, Government Agencies, and National Defense.  We fully meet our customers’ needs for Safety & Security Recording through outstanding system reliability, extensive compatibility with communication systems, and continuous product innovation.